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"Monogamy Sucks" -- background, press release, contact info

I have posted contact information and the press release for blog fiction novel Monogamy Sucks. on my blog.

Look for the next chapter of my novel -- chapter 4 on July 3...

You can read the first three chapters on my two blogs:

Here's my contact information for the media or for anyone else interested in finding out more about my book.

George Pappas
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Blog Novel Monogamy Sucks Explores the Limits of Monogamy and One Man’s Journey into the Provocative World of Swinging and Alternative Sex

The Future of Publishing? More than 12 years in the Making, Long Beach, Calif. Author George Pappas Launches his Fiction Novel One Chapter at a Time on His Blogs

Long Beach, Calif., June 30, 2010 – One of the more interesting erotic novels of the summer season, Monogamy Sucks, can’t be found in a bookstore or on and Barnes &, but instead is being unveiled on two blogs one chapter at a time.

Long Beach, Calif. author George Pappas’ provocative book project reflects the changing times in the publishing industry and society. More than 12 years in the making, his fiction novel, Monogamy Sucks, is an exploration of a Long Beach man’s mid-thirties lust crisis and his ensuing bizarre, but intriguing journey into the world of swinging and alternative sex.

In May and June 2010, Pappas launched the first three chapters of his novel on his two blogs.

Each month Pappas will introduce a new chapter or two on his blogs -- or

-- with the goal of eventually bringing out his entire book in print and digital form.

This novel is especially timely considering the recent spate of public sex scandals, including golfer Tiger Woods, TV personality Jesse James, and too many other celebrities and politicians to mention.

Studies suggest that around 30–40 percent of dating relationships and 18–20 percent of marriages are marked by at least one incident of sexual infidelity, according to the publication “Close encounters: Communication in Relationships.” Some researchers say there's a 50–50 chance today that one partner will have an affair during a marriage. It is estimated that roughly 30 to 60 percent of all married individuals (in the United States) will engage in infidelity at some point during their marriage as referenced on the Truth About Deception Web site.

“It seems like the perfect time to put my book out there,” said Pappas, a long-time Belmont Shore resident and journalism graduate from California State University, Long Beach. “Monogamy is also very much in the news with the details of a new public sex scandal being revealed every week or so these days. I figured a blog would be an effective platform for my novel in that it is easy to access and read, but also it is an interactive experience for the reader as they can experience and comment on the novel as it progresses.”

As with the rest of the entertainment industry, the Internet will completely transform the publishing business in the coming years, Pappas stressed.

“Writers should embrace the immediacy of the Internet as a beneficial means to expose their work and develop their own audiences rather than wait around to be discovered by an agent or publisher,” Pappas said. “That’s the future of publishing – do it yourself -- whether the publishing industry wants to acknowledge it or not. Just look at the explosion of independent filmmaking in recent years. The next best selling writer or literary star more than likely will be found on the Internet and not only in the usual places such as writer workshops or universities.”

Pappas said to think of his work Monogamy Sucks as an edgy male version of Sex in the City written from the point of view of an inept, inexperienced swinger.

“There is one major difference,” Pappas explained. “My novel’s protagonist Jake Dalmas is not interested in finding love like Carrie Bradshaw was, but instead he is obsessed with finding great sex with no strings, no commitments, no relationship stress, and most of all — no monogamy. Call this a ‘Bizarre Sex in the City’ that swings and will give woman intriguing insight into how men – not that many will readily admit it -- really think about sex and relationships. It is frank, funny and above all – painfully honest.”

Pappas said he has been working on his novel off and on since 1998 and has tried to stay true to his experiences in the swing world, and to the stories of others he met along the way, but he emphasizes that this is a work of fiction as opposed to non-fiction, a memoir or an autobiography.

“Any passing resemblance to real life people and encounters has been changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent,” he said. “A great deal of this book exists in the realm of my imagination with real life incidents only serving as a jumping off point so to speak. Other chapters are pure fiction with no connection to real life experiences. Either way I hope readers will be intrigued, amused, shocked, entertained and maybe even inspired by what they find in my book.”

This is the second novel for Pappas, who also works in the public relations industry as a freelance consultant and is a former daily newspaper reporter. Pappas’ first novel Letters From Cyberspace, featuring the online sexual exploits of a naïve twenty something woman from Utah, was self-published in 2001 and is available on

Pappas said he plans to bring out his next book, which has a provocative celebrity angle, in the same manner he launched Monogamy Sucks -- through a dedicated blog site, a chapter at a time.

He also has started a sequel to Monogamy Sucks, and eventually is looking to turn Jake Dalmas’ erotic adventures into a trilogy of books.

“I see Jake’s journey as one that has gone largely untold in fiction,” Pappas said. “There are a lot of books out there honestly documenting female point of view when it comes to sex and relationships, which I think is a great thing, but there are too few novels portraying the male view on the subject. Furthermore, swinging has not been adequately explored in fiction as it no doubt should be. Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot more interest in swinging among the general public than people might think.”


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