Sunday, August 24, 2008

WORSE THAN APATHY -- Comments on the Obama Presidential Run and the start of the Democratic Convention

Tomorrow will mark the start of the Democratic National Convention where we soon witness political history as the first African-American candidate, Barack Obama, will secure the Democratic nomination. He has run a superb campaign so far and his recent addition of Senator Joe Biden was another wise move.

Despite the recent polls, Obama has a strong chance of securing the presidency as he's faced with John McCain alias McBush who embraces the failed policies of the current president.

Obama's message has been one of hope and change, but I think it is a lot deeper than that. His speech on race relations a couple months ago was one of the most remarkable speeches I've ever heard a presidential candidate give. It was honest, understanding and open about our country's sorry human rights track record without sounding bitter or entrenched in the past. Still, Obama's candidacy has been met with intense hostility and disrespect by the Clintons. The Republican slime machine has already starting slinging a lot more ugly slime and dirt on Obama and his aspirations.

I can't remember the last time I've been inspired by a political candidate like Obama.
But in the end, Obama's message of hope and looking for something beyond business of usual will win out I believe.

Still, it troubles me that someone trying to change our troubled country in a positive manner could met with so much hostility.

I hope his speech on Thursday night starts to change people's minds about Obama and just how important this election is after eight horrible and damaging years of the Bush Administration.

This poem reflects some of disappointment in the politics of hate and my hope that we can get past it. This year marked the 40th anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination in L.A. He was another candidate trying to change things for the better in a dark time.

Let's hope we learned our lessons from the past.

Watch the convention, think about our future...and vote...




History weighs us
down with despair.
Suspicious of hope.
Pretending not to care,
living by rote.

So many trials and
that lead nowhere.

Half baked solutions
with nothing
real to share.

You call it politics.

Just another excuse
to do nothing at all.

Worse than apathy.
It is resignation
and an early death.

Is there anything worse
than dying inside
before you've actually died?

George Pappas
Copyright 2008

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