Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Parallax The Pappas View

Nothing is as it seems....Your eyes can deceive you.
Those are some of the ideas explored in one of my favorite movies from the 197os by the late great director Alan Pakula -- "The Parallax View." He deftly explores the paranoia, conspiracy and coverup following an assasination similar to those of JFK and RFK. The more the reporter protagonist played by Warren Beatty tries to find out about a shady organization he thinks is behind the assasination of a politcian, the less he knows. At the close of the film, Beatty's character is ultimately set up and made a patsy and fall guy for another political assassination before he is also killed.
This title of this blog -- The Pappas View -- is a homage to this film among others. I hope to also to give an interesting and different view of politics, life, art, music, books, sex through my poetry and writing.
Although, I have posted my poetry on My Space for years, this is my first actual blog. I look forward to sharing my writing life and thoughts from time to time.


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