Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Guantanamo Bay Tour

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court finally slapped the Bush Administration down for their unconstitutional conduct in Guantanamo Bay -- their blanket approach of sweeping up suspects and leaving them locked up indefinitely with no charges (on unsubstantiated rumours)...claiming national security and the fear of terrorism. All the while subjecting many prisoners -- whether guilty or not -- to torture and horrible abuses we accuse other countries of doing.

When did we become the monsters we fear? when is torture OK? We created the Geneva Conventions after one of the most destructive wars in the history of humanity -- World War II.
Now, we've become one of the worst torturers -- all in secret, in the dark.
And we call this a democracy?

Just as in the torture chambers in Iraq....
we so casually shredded human rights, and the U.S. constitution all in the name of security and the war of terror...
But who protects us from ourselves?....Who watches the torturers?....
Can we truly lecture the rest of the world about freedom and democracy?

Fear and loathing....indeed...

I wrote this poem about my growing unease with all of this




Welcome to the
Guantanamo Bay Tour
in beautiful sunny Cuba.

Hope you'll be uncomfortable
during your stay.

First, we'll start with a little
light interrogation and torture.

Then we'll offer up some
tantalizing light and sleep deprivation
and maybe if you are lucky
some scintillating starvation and water boarding.

And if we get a little carried away
and you perish,
we are so sorry.

But let us remind you,
customer service means so much to us
and WE are here to please and
serve the U.S. Government.

You have the right to remain silent
as your complaints will not be heard.

Your indefinite visit is courtesy
and paid for by the U.S. Government
and the American taxpayer.

Hope your time with us will be
an enjoyable one
for us.

George Pappas
Copyright 2008

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