Monday, November 3, 2008


This has been one of the most interesting and important elections of my lifetime. It seems there is so much more at stake after eight long miserable years of living with the misguided policies of the Bush Administration. However, I am very hopeful we will get it right this time with the election of Barack Obama.

Obama has inspired me like no political figure in many years. It is not just his galvanizing speeches and spirited approach, but I believe Obama also shows the intelligence, temperament, fortitude, graciousness and determination to help bring our country back from the brink.

My friend Los Angeles songwriter Bruce Baert has been similarly inspired. However, he wanted to do more to show his support for Obama than pulling the lever in the voting booth or working as a volunteer in this historic election. He decided to add his voice to Obama's growing list of supporters in a unique fashion.

Baert has created a new election tribute song "Oh! Obama!" It is based on the traditional song "Oh, Susanna" with all new lyrics that include Baert's prediction for Obama's victory. The lyrics are clever, classy and timely. I have posted the lyrics at the end of this post.

The track also features stellar performances from L.A. based artists -- guitarist and singer Emerson Kris and vocalist Ronna Jones.

Baert is a former Hillary Clinton supporter that became inspired by Obama in recent months.

Bruce's previous projects have included the tribute songs and videos "Paul McCartney is 64" and "The Crocodile Hunter Tribute."

Here are links to them:

We are also working on a video for the song "Oh! Obama!" that we will launch on You Tube after the election if Obama wins.

And this time we hope it is not only wishful thinking.

George Pappas


Copyright 3/07, 10/08 Bruce Baert, © with Library of Congress
Lyrics by Bruce Baert
Additional Lyrics by Dorothy Baert, George Pappas
Vocal Performances by Ronna Jones, Emerson Kris
Guitar Performance by Emerson Kris
Recorded at Virlouise Studios, Anaheim, Calif.
Based on “Oh! Susanna!” by Stephen Foster (pub. 1848)

“Oh! Obama!”

Oh he came from Hawaii with his heart upon his sleeve,
He’s goin’ to the White House, the top job in D.C.
The man with the funny name they said he shouldn’t try,
“Fear” so taught, eight Bush Years bad, Obama’s Battle Cry.

Chorus #1:

Oh! Obama! Our Nation turns to thee,
Already making history, along with Hillary

Wall Street bailout, six-year war, economy downhill,
Americans have a dream in sight, we’ll make it up that hill.
“Yes” we need Change, new ideas, think outside the box,
End divisiveness, Red agin’ Blue, CNN ‘gainst FOX.

Chorus #2:

Oh! Obama! We face a serious plight,
“As” Always we’ll be victorious by Dawn’s Early Light.

He’s a-headin’ for that honor, Country bestowed on he,
Let’s pray he learns from Lincoln, FDR, and Kennedy.
And if we get fooled again, then I’ll surely cry,
For those who fought with honor, our Democracy must survive

Chorus #3:

Oh! Obama! You’ll be the first to be…
Only in the USA; In-the-Land-of-Liberty! Yee-haw!!!

Repeat Chorus #1 and #3

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