Thursday, October 2, 2008

MONEY...and the failings of the U.S. Economy

Our country is facing its worst economic crisis since the depression. Even my own bank Washington Mutual had to be bailed out by JP Morgan Chase and who even knows if that will last. I am hesisitant to put my money in the bank for the first time in my life.

With a serious recession looming, and the idiots in Congress grandstanding over bailing out (or rescuing?) the corporate stooges and thieves while the rest of us go without, I thought I would post a poem about something on a lot people' s minds (mine included) these days -- money. The power we give this necessary tool to rule our lives is incredibly sad at times. We worship billionaires and millionaires while also loathing them at the same time.

Yet we give money -- a man made creation -- its power through defining its worth and the worth of the people who have obtained it.

Still, even money has its limits -- it can't fend off death ultimately or buy true happiness or piece of mind.

Or maybe the Beatles had it right after all ... money can't buy you love ...




Money is irrelevant
until you don't have any
and the threat of bankruptcy looms.

Then it become a twisted obsession
choking off creativity.

Money is not creative.
It can be earned creatively
or you can buy
creative ventures and
creative freedom with money.

But money is an empty tool
except for the power and significance
we place on money.

Broke, busted and bankrupt
are a few of the ways we talk about
our money problems.

Rich, well off, well heeled
all refer those successful with money.
Their lives are supposed to be rich
with experiences and opportunities.
Yet money has not given these people more life,
wisdom, intelligence or prowess.

We do that through hyping the power of money.

The economics of language confounds us,
haunt us, and defines us.
No denying that.

Empty pockets remain empty pockets.
That hunger gives money its real power.

George Pappas
Copyright 2008


mari said...
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mari said...

Wow George, love this blog. I love the way you express yourself in your writting about the worst economic crisis...i can feel you soul and are a amazing, intellegent man.

My Greek Freind