Thursday, September 11, 2008


A few years ago, a famous poet got into trouble for writing a poem in response to 9/11 asking who bombed America? He seemed to implicate the Israelis and maybe some others.

However, I was more interested in Why they bombed America? What triggered such an attack? Was it really our freedom or way of life as the government claimed?
Or was it more to the point....our foreign policy? Our nasty habit of messing in the affairs of other countries?

Of course, that doesn't excuse or condone the vicious and cruel acts of Martyrs, Inc. Ultimately, al qaeda accomplished nothing but causing more war, bloodshed, hatred and fear.
It is really up the rest of us to expose them for what they really are -- opportunistic thugs not holy warriors.

Seven years later, unfortunately I don't think our leaders have learned anything. And yet they stand on the ashes of those who died on 9/11 and since and make solemn speeches signifying anything but understanding. The GOP reached a recent low point recently when they showed graphic images of the attacks as a political ploy at their convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Still, I wonder why in hopes that we will someday learn from all of this pain, rage and heartbreak.




It matters less…
Who bombed America?
Who knew?
Who knew to stay away on the that fateful day?
Who laughed while filming it?

Those are all troubling questions to be sure.

But the real important questions

It is the only question that truly matters in the end.


This question is a shot into the heart of our blind notions of security, safety and strength.

Why do we still kill in the name of religion?
Why do we still justify revenge?
Why do we take such pride and joy in killing?
Why are we so quick to turn to violence as a means to solve our
complicated problems?
Why are we so divided and entrenched in ancient Holy Wars?

Thousands of years of so called civilization
with numerous atrocities.

Where is God in our actions?

The faces
are always the same.

Torn and
without pity,
without hope.
Feeding on rage.
Choking on hatred

They are us
and we are them.


Brothers under the skin
but always apart.
Divided by the pettiness
and the cruelty
that has infected our souls.


The answer mocks us.

What has changed since the Crucifixion?
We still without hesitation kill the holy part in us
in the name of God.


The silence is deafening.

George Pappas
Copyright 2008


mari said...

wow george....i have never seen this part of you..very interesting..i am glad i went onto your blog..

mari said...

I am sorry, George.."why did they bomb's just amazed me...everytime i read it..i feel the blows me away...